Services / Construction / Construction Site Stormwater Services

In August of 2003 , the Environmental Protection Division passed the revised General Permit for Stormwater Discharges from Construction Sites (GAR 100001, GAR 100002, GAR 100003). The law requires that the construction industry:

  • provide an Erosion, Sedimentation and Pollution Control Plan
  • perform regular inspections of erosion & sediment control devices
  • collect daily rainfall data
  • perform monitoring of stormwater runoff at all sites over one acre.

GEC has been an industry leader in the performance of these services. We can provide many levels of service from project consulting to stormwater monitoring, sampling, and inspections.

We can custom design and implement a stormwater management system design to meet a particular project needs. Our services include:

  • NPDES Presentations and Seminars
  • NPDES Project Consultation
  • Preparation of Notice of Intent (NOI) and Termination (NOT)
  • BMP Installation Oversight or Inspection
  • Compliance Inspections
  • Stormwater sampling and turbidity analysis
  • Submittal of Sampling Reports to EPD
  • Litigation Support

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