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Quality Assurance & Quality Control Testing

Would you like to greatly enhance the overall quality of your project? Want to make sure that your project is being constructed properly? Contact GEC for professional QA/QC testing services.

GEC believes the use of third party consultants providing professional assurance/quality control (QA/QC) testing greatly enhances the overall quality of a project. We work closely with owners, developers, architects, engineers or the project contractor to provide these services.

GEC has a staff of over 30 engineers, geologists, technicians, and other personnel experienced in construction quality control testing. All of our technicians are required to be certified by the American Concrete Institute and go through a rigorous in-house training program. Each technician must also attend an OSHA-required Nuclear Radiation Safety program prior to the performance of nuclear density testing and all of our field personnel have taken the OSHA 10-Hour Safety Course. We have a Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) on staff to provide structural steel testing services.

Our staff has the only laboratory in middle Georgia certified compliant with ASTM E329. The lab has several other accreditations and certifications - all of which ensures that you get quality testing results.

Typical services on a project include field-testing services such as:

  • Proofrolling of the soil subgrade prior to fill placement
  • Soil density testing and fill monitoring during earthwork operations
  • Borrow source evaluation
  • Pile or caisson installation monitoring
  • Shallow foundation bearing pressure evaluation
  • Monitoring of deep foundation installation
  • Horizontal and vertical rebar placement verification
  • Fresh concrete placement monitoring and testing
  • Grout testing
  • Masonry inspection
  • Structural steel weld and bolt torque testing
  • Graded aggregate base testing
  • Asphalt placement monitoring and testing
  • Evaluation of undercutting operations
  • Design of geotextile systems for use in low stability areas
  • Floor flatness profile testing
  • Slab moisture testing
  • Non-destructive testing of concrete

Contact GEC when you need professional quality QA/QC work done on your construction project.