GEC has significant experience in the solid waste market. We work closely with design engineers, municipalities, private owners, operators and environmental regulatory agencies at solid waste facilities, with services ranging from initial site studies to post-closure monitoring and testing.

GEC has worked with design engineers on numerous landfill-siting projects, including participating in public meetings that must be held prior to zoning.

Prior to landfill development, GEC will perform the required detailed hydrogeologic study of the proposed site to determine the geologic and hydrogeologic conditions. Once permitted, GEC will develop a groundwater and methane-monitoring plan for regulatory review. During construction, GEC provides construction quality assurance monitoring, testing, and documentation to verify the facility is constructed to the project specifications.

GEC installs groundwater and methane monitoring wells and performs well sampling and testing. We perform statistical analysis of groundwater monitoring data and evaluate corrective measures for facilities with groundwater problems.

Once the facility is ready for closure, GEC performs closure construction quality control testing and will provide monitoring and testing of groundwater and methane throughout the post-closure period.

GEC has experience in providing these services:

  • Hydrogeological Site Assessments for Landfill Siting
  • Assessment of Corrective Measures
  • Groundwater Monitoring Plan Design
  • Construction Quality Assurance Testing
  • Geosynthetic Liner Inspection
  • Methane Monitoring Plan Design
  • Groundwater and Methane Well Installation
  • Groundwater and Methane Monitoring

If you are interested in using these services, please contact us for more information.