Representing a $1-billion investment by Kia Motors Corporation, the new 2.2-million-square-foot automobile manufacturing plant is located on more than 2,200 acres of land between Exit 2 and Exit 6 along Interstate 85 in West Point. KMMG consists of four main shops: Stamping, welding, paint and assembly. The site also includes a transmission shop, module shop and a two-mile test track where every vehicle produced by KMMG will be thoroughly tested.

GEC performed full-time construction monitoring services for the last 18 months of construction for portions of the new 2.2 million square foot facility, which included: Power Tech facility, Mobis facility, Glovis facility, associated new vehicle staging lot, employee parking and drive areas. GEC engineers performed several geotechnical explorations and designs. Settlement calculations were performed on the metal stamping and rolled steel storage facility.